Speedy 100


For demanding fi rst-time users.
For all engraving and cutting tasks.
Working area 610 x 305 mm.
For all popular standard material sizes.
Available with CO2 and fiber laser or both.



Standard Options
• Speedy 100 available with CO2
or fiber laser
or both
• Performance upgrade: higher processing speed
Laser power upgrade: more laser power
(up to 60 watts CO2
or up to 30 watts fiber laser)
• Software upgrade: More functions to control your
Speedy 100
• Extended warranty: up to 5 years
The Trotec Speedy 100 laser engraver offers a compact, entry-level solution carefully designed to meet the evolving laser engraving and laser cutting needs of growing businesses. The Speedy 100 is totally scalable in terms of software, performance, and laser power. And it carries the Trotec family genes: top quality, unmatched performance, and technological leadership. Speedy 100 is a small business investment today that will pay off big tomorrow.
Protects dust-sensitive components such as the mechanical components, optical elements and electronics. Consequently, the Speedy 100 operates practically without maintenance expense or part wear, even when utilized
extensively! For you this means greater productivity at lower costs.
Focusing lens
The Speedy 100 CO2 laser comes with a 2 inch lens as a standard. The Speedy 100 fiber is equipped with a 3.2 inch lens.
Laser pointer
A red laser pointer indicates the location at which the laser beam will contact the material. You can minimize the risk of faulty engraving by precise positioning of the job before the engraving begins!
JobControl® software
Supports you perfectly in handling your engraving jobs. JobControl lets you utilize your computer’s performance
allowing access to the many useful and intelligent functions that make your work easier.
Ready for flexx
The Speedy 100 can be fi tted with an additional laser source. The Speedy 100 and the Speedy 100 fi ber can be
upgraded to a Speedy 100 fl exx at any time. This offers you the flexibility to adapt the laser to suit your needs.
Electro-optic autofocus
The upward motion is stopped as soon as the inserted material breaks a light. Maximum convenience for the operator through correct focusing of the laser beam on the surface of the work piece.
Air assist
Prevents combustion of flammable materials, helps to direct debris and fumes towards the exhaust vents and rotects the lens. Full control (on/off) via JobControl® software.
Honeycomb table
The solid honeycomb structure minimizes beam back reflection and yields perfect cutting results.
Cylindrical engraving device
For engraving cylindrical, conical or spherical
objects such as bottles, glasses, balls or mugs up
to 350 mm in length and 76 mm in diameter.
The compact solution for laser engraving and marking:
Speedy 100
Standards Options
Bi-directional communication
Connects a PC to your Speedy 100. This gives you full control of many laser functions at all times. You can
start any engraving job without leaving your workplace.

Control of the exhaust system
Trotec exhaust system owners can automatically control this system via JobControl®. For example, you can initiate the exhaust power before the start  of engraving or after the end of engraving to  optimize the removal of dust or fumes. You also get dynamic feedback on turbine activity and filter saturation.
Working platform (ferromagnetic)
The working platform of the Speedy 100 is ferromagnetically treated. This means that it is easy to mount thin materials like paper or films using magnetic retention.
Exhaust systems
An exhaust system is absolutely recommended for optimal operation of the laser. Trotec offers a variety of exhaust systems depending on the application. Special integrated electronics let you control the Trotec exhaust systems remotely via JobControl® software.
Laser power upgrade
By taking advantage of a power upgrade (up to 60 watts CO2 , up to 30 watts fi ber laser), users can benefit from higher productivity when they need it, without investing into new units each time an upgrade is needed.
Additional lenses
For perfect CO2 engraving and cutting results, lenses with different focal lengths may be used, depending on the application. (1.5 inch, 2.5 inch CO2 lens) Supporting frame with storage bin Utilize the space beneath the laser system  as a storage area. Important accessories such as materials, basic engraving devices, etc. are ready
to use when needed. Helps to organize your production environment or your local shop.
• Maximum dust protection
• Highest quality components
• Linear guide rails
• Ultra-long lifetime – less maintenance
InPack-Technology is a combination of the highest quality components for ultra long lifetime combined with protection of the optics and all sensitive components. Trotec systems are designed for minimal wear-and-tear. Our design and manufacturing quality standards make sure your Speedy 100 will be ready for years of trouble free, heavy-duty production. You can forget the added costs of spare parts that need to be replaced regularly on competitors’ systems. It all adds up to a lower total cost of ownership offer the lifetime of each Speedy 100 laser system.

Technical details
Overall dimensions (W x D x H): 982 x 780 x 457 mm 982 x 780 x 457 mm 982 x 780 x 975 mm
Working area: 610 x 305 mm 610 x 305 mm 610 x 305 mm
Max. height of workpiece: 170 mm 125 mm 170 mm
Max. engraving speed: 180 cm/sec. standard
280 cm/sec. performance
200 cm/sec. CO2 : 280 cm/sec.
fiber: 200 cm/sec.
Upgrade possibilities: Software, performance,
laser power
Laser power Laser power
Laser design: CO2
laser: 12-60 watts
Pulsed fiber laser 10, 20, 30 watts CO2 : 40-60 watts
fiber: 10-30 watts